Extracting meta data from digital photographs and identifying digital manipulation.

Digital photographic forensics or image analysis is the interrogation of digital images to extract meaningful information from images; mainly from digital images by means of digital image processing techniques.

Forensic analysis allows us to compile reports to support criminal or civil claims, where photographs are critical evidence. We use a number of techniques to interrogate digital images.

We are specialists in photographic and image forensic analysis from any digital media or online portal. Using the latest in photoshop forensics, image error level analysis data recovery tools and forensic software, we can determine when an image was created, accessed or manipulated. Using a variety of image analysis techniques, we can examine meta data, pixel aspect ratios and error levels to extract particular information from digital and printed images, CCTV recordings, technical illustrations, photographs, animations and video, even where attempts have been make to cloak evidence.

Our work is primarily of use to legal services, in support of a criminal claim, civil claim or simply an HR issue. We comply with the strict guidelines imposed by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and Electronic Evidence Procedures. Our image analysis reports are admissible in legal hearings and we often act as expert witness.