Our consultants are widely recognised as some of the UK’s chief providers of e-disclosure and litigation support services.

Computer Forensics Specialists have assisted solicitors, barristers, government agencies, blue-chip corporations and many other prestigious, high-profile clients. We have been providing such services for more than 15 years and possess considerable experience as a result.

We are a completely independent digital consultancy firm and are able to analyse any relevant media whilst causing zero disruption to your organisation. Analysis can be completed in any of our offices throughout the UK or onsite if necessary. The increase in the amount of electronic data stored by corporates has resulted in a corresponding increase in the size and complexity of the disclosure process, the need for electronic disclosure (the disclosure by electronic means of documents which were originally electronic or can be made electronic – commonly referred to as e-disclosure) and the development of sophisticated tools to assist with this. However, before documents can be disclosed, the documents must first be identified, preserved, collected, processed, reviewed and analysed. We offer a variety of services concerning e-disclosure including acquisition, analysis, online review audio disclosure and reporting. Computer Forensics Specialists satisfy all the procedures that govern the collection and analysis of data and have robust, full proof approved procedures in place to ensure that any evidence gleaned from your media remains both intact and admissible. Computer Forensics Specialists will provide a detailed quote elaborating on the services that it will provide ahead of any instruction.