We don't just work for legal services, we can help with personal disputes.

Computer Forensics Specialists are experts in digital forensics and the analysis of computer and electronic evidence that is crucial in any personal dispute. We provide analysis and reports for personal use, which can be escalated for civil proceedings if required.

Claims can include Inappropriate Email Usage, Email Abuse, Digital Fraud, IP Theft, E-Stalking, Breach of Contract, Computer Break-ins, Internet Usage, Internet Abuse and Unauthorised Data Duplication. Electronic evidence can be easily corrupted due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the basic principles. This can compromise a claim and destroy the legitimacy of any computer investigation.

We are able to find deleted items, hidden files, password protected files and more. Computer Forensics can help home users, to determine what actions were performed by who and when. As experts and professionals within the Digital Forensics industry, every individual is guaranteed the same high level of professionalism and attention to care received by our solicitors, law enforcement and commercial clients.