Piecing digital evidence together to support corporate organisations in alternative dispute resolution.

Industry recognised experts, Computer Forensics Specialists are repeated engaged as computer forensic analysts by corporate organisations. Whether company servers, laptops, desktops or mobiles, we can investigate internal disputes and support civil claims.

We understand that not all cases may be a court matter and corporate organisations often have a requirement for digital analysis without the necessity for a full forensic report. The aim to force an alternative form of dispute resolution. This allows our analysts to identify evidence without the production of an expert report which will conclude with a private conference call to discuss the results of the forensic examination. We would still follow all the necessary CPR procedures, to ensure a subsequent claim is not compromised.

We can also protect an organisation’s reputation and assets through offering information security services including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and IT security audits. With new threats and vulnerabilities emerging every day it is essential that businesses protect their security posture.