Piecing digital evidence together to support solicitors, businesses and public organisations.

We recognise that every industry sector has different requirements and may be looking for varying responses to electronic evidence. From solicitors to corporates and public bodies, we tailor our forensic investigations accordingly. Our experts use latest technology, combined with ACPO guidelines and Civil Procedure Rules to ensure legally defensible findings.

To support criminal court cases, we can arrange secure collection and return of equipment to examined, or carry out on-site investigations which can be covert. Our expert will take an image of the data required leaving the original data on site, causing little or no disruption to the organisation or individual. The image is then brought back to our laboratory for further analysis and a clear audit trail is maintained. Often we are called to provide expert testimony to satisfy the standard of evidence and burden of proof required.

Where we instructed to prove allegations of employee misconduct for an internal disciplinary, the level of response may be very different. A preview forensic analysis to provide a summary of our findings may be most appropriate. This enables the client to make quick strategic decisions, before committing to a full investigation.

In civil litigation cases the response may vary again to satisfy a different burden of proof. Computer Forensics Specialists produce clear and concise reports, complying with all the rulkes pertaining to electronic evidence. With the vast level of experience of our analysts, we can also provide support in court, as fully qualified expert witnesses providing both evidence of opinion as well as evidence of fact.


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