What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the process of securing your information systems against digital attacks. These attacks are aimed at acquiring confidential information, exhorting money or simply interrupting operations. With a plethora of devices and mobile users, attacks are becoming easier and cyber security more complicated.

Technology is the key to preventing cyber-attacks. Security tools have been developed to protect the three main entities - endpoint devices like desktop computers, mobiles and routers, networks and the cloud. Technology to protect these entities include firewalls, DNS filters, malware protection and antivirus software.

Today there are a number of cyber security threats.

Malware. This is an all-encompassing term which defines any malicious software designed to gain unauthorised access to a computer. Malware authors are continuously writing ingenious software to bypass security systems.

Ransomware. This is malware which locks access to particular files and holds the user to ransom. There is software to identify and quarantine malicious files, but the ransomware authors are quick to circumvent this, meaning a solution after the event is largely ineffective.

Phishing. Phishing authors gain access to a system through fraudulent emails and is the most common type of cyber-attack. Phishing is mostly used for identity theft.

Social Engineering. Rather than attacking your system, social engineers trick you into revealing sensitive information. It is normally combined with any of the tactics above to make you more likely to click on a potential threat.

Our data recovery technicians and software developers reverse engineer malicious software to understand how to combat the threat. Research on encryption mechanisms allows us to find weaknesses in algorithms to unlock ransomware data. We also use exploitation techniques that take advantage of a bug or vulnerability in malware source code. Whilst the malware authors are genius – they still make mistakes.

Cyber Security

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