Data Loss on smart phones

A really common problem for smartphones is dealing with clumsiness. A huge number of people are guilty of accidentally dropping their phones. More often than not this results in cracked screens and sometimes limited screen visibility, but occasionally this can cause a completely broken useless device. A lot of people rely heavily on their smartphones and much of their life can be recorded on them in the form of photos, apps and contacts. So what do you do when this happens? How can you get all that data back? Nobody likes restarting from fresh when years of data is lost.

Data stored on smartphones can vary where exactly it is stored due to its make and brand. For example, iOS-based Apple iPhones will store all their data on an internal memory. Different models use different sized NAND flash memory. Occasionally, if you’ve allowed these applications access to the phone, data can be backed up on iCloud or iTunes. In contrast, Android phones will store data in any of three locations. Android phones also have an internal memory which is generally NAND flash, but many devices also hold a micro-SD card. If you have inserted one and been using this some of your data may have been saved onto the card. The third place data can be found on is the SIM card itself although this depends on the amount of memory available. Most new Android phones also offer cloud options for backing up your data now as well. Using this cloud feature is always recommended for a back-up.

So how can data be lost on your smartphone? Well as previously mentioned, physical damage is a common reason for data loss as well as mechanical failures which can come with old age. Physical damage caused by dropping a phone onto a hard surface can lead to the flash memory chip on the internal circuit board to no longer be used, sometimes the chip can break meaning the data can no longer be accessed or saved. Some reasons for mechanical error can be if file structure or links are missing, if files are corrupt or if there are faulty memory allocations. Usually in the case of a mechanical error the files are simply not able to be displayed but are still on the memory.

In either of these cases you will likely not be able to fix and retrieve the data alone and will need the help of a data recovery specialist. Although the internet can direct you to potential software and tools for DIY fixes, these can often lead to the phone being broken further and data recovery made harder. We would always recommend seeking a professional as soon as possible. Specialists have the correct tools and experience to deal with the recovery effectively and efficiently giving you a much more realistic chance of retrieving all your data. When seeking a specialist always look for a company with plenty of experience, particularly in the problem you are having, smartphone data recovery.

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