Acquiring electronic evidence and pinpointing relevant data in a forensically safe and legally defensible audit trail.

Computer Forensics Specialists have become a vital asset in providing evidence in cases such as computer misuse and attacks against computer systems. We are also used to trace lines of communication in traditional claims. This includes the forensic analysis and reporting of all digital media, regardless of the physical condition of the media, format or operating system.

Established in 1996, Computer Forensics Specialists have grown into an industry leader in the complexities of electronic evidence. Affiliated with Fields Associates since 2010, we employ some of the industries foremost experts in forensic investigations and e-disclosure. Our expert’s technical competence is combined with a solid knowledge of the legal processes and investigative methodologies. Their credentials speak for themselves and our team have been instrumental in a number of very high profile claims. Confidentiality and security are imperative to the process. This is why all lines of communications are treated with the utmost discretion and data is security protected in secure surroundings. On completion, you can be assured that any evidence will be secured erased.

In the last ten years our investigators have been consulted as a digital forensic expert in over 600 cases including criminal cases such as Rape, Murder, Conspiracy to Defraud and Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice. Civil cases include Private Family Proceedings as well as various Applications for Damages. All cases involved the retrieval and analysis of digital evidence.


data recovery arrow over one hundred forensic investigations completed each year
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data recovery arrow our CEO chairs BSI and ISO technical committees for magnetic storage 
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